My Front Row Seat

Being Jana's husband has given me a unique perspective to this wonderful story that has become Bass Farms.  A front row seat to this spectacle if you will.  From the early days of watching her make and develop products on our kitchen counter, to moving to the kitchen table when there was no more counter space. From there setting up shelves in a small office used to run our Drywall Contracting Business. It didn't take long that I was being moved out of that space to make more room for what was becoming something pretty special. In the span of about a year and a half, she had moved from the kitchen counter to now moving into an efficiency apartment we had built, in a detached garage behind the house, (to move her parents closer to us after they became ill). This was about a 400 sq. ft. space. The amount of work Jana and our youngest daughter Jessica, who came on around 2012, were able to do in that small area for as long as they did, was nothing short of incredible.
This all started in 2009 and they worked in that little space until the fall of 2017.  At that time we built an 1800 sq ft shop, on our farm property, to make room for more storage and more working space (and me).  We took a huge leap of faith by letting the Drywall business go so that I could come work with Jana and Jessica when the new shop was built.  Leaving the business behind, that we spent over 20 years building, was a pretty tough decision at the time, as it had treated us pretty well. Looking back on that decision now, it shouldn't have been a difficult decision at all, because it wasn't long before we were adding on to the new shop and hiring more people.
Currently there are eight of us making it happen everyday. What still amazes us is, this little business that Jana started and the products she developed on our kitchen counter in 2009 and began by selling at the local Farmers Market, are now being shipped all over the country.  Incredibly, we've also shipped to Australia and Canada. The people we've met and the stories we've heard, about how these products are helping people and changing lives, is a little overwhelming and very humbling. It's been a blessing to watch it all happen and to be a part of what appears to be a very bright future for Jana's little kitchen counter project.