Sheep - Sheared Fleece - Lanolin - Great Skin!

Bass Farms founder, Jana Bass, was introduced to farm animals at a very young age. Annual visits to the Indiana State Fair was not just a highlight to the end of summer, but a solid introduction to the value of farm animals and how useful they can be for numerous lifestyles. 

Have you ever visited the Blue Ribbon Pavilion, Sheep Barn and the "Wool Shop?" As Jana would often brush her hands through the soft woolen lamb shears her dad, affectionately known as Stubby due to his 5' 2" frame, would explain to her that a by product of wool is skin-softening lanolin.  Little did Jana know she would eventually create a successful skin care company that uses lanolin as the base of many of Bass Farms' amazing products!  


Lanolin oil is a secretion from sheep's skin to condition and protect their wool. After the wool is sheared (domestic sheep should be sheared once a year - Usually during the summer to cool them off). It's simply a big haircut! Sheep with long fleeces are oftentimes sheared twice per year. Shearing sheep is a necessity for the animal's health and overall well being, it is not a cruel act at all, as some animal groups would like you to think. Take a look at this great article about the details of sheep shearing by 

Lanolin is extracted by putting the sheared wool through a machine called a centrifuge where it spins off the oil from other debris. Lanolin is considered an emollient and an occlusive moisturizer ... slows water loss through from the skin, by "Keeping moisture IN your skin!"

Lanolin Benefits:

  • Cruelty-free byproduct, not a man-made chemical
  • Powerhouse for fighting dryness promoting hydration
  • Has benefits to plump skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles
  • Ultimate skin softener & moisturizer
  • Anti-fungal and antibacterial properties
  • Duel skin benefit, semi-occlusive & semi-permeable (Allowing skin to self-hydrate and still act in protecting the skin from outside elements)

Preserving a bit of history from the amazing sheep animal of the world!  Did you know that sheep's lambs are about the size of a human newborn, between 5 & 12 pounds with an average of 8-10?  And that sheep intestines are used for sutures in surgery rooms? If sheep uses are of this caliber, I think it's pretty good for us too!

Lanolin in Bass Farms: