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Growing up as a 10 year member in Johnson County Indiana's 4-H Youth Development, Jana showed all levels of goats. That taught her the value of farm animals and how useful they can be for numerous lifestyles.  As a little girl visiting the Indiana State Fair with her family, she would often brush her hands through the soft woolen lamb shears in the sheep pavilion. Her dad, affectionately known as Stubby due to his 5' 2" frame, would explain to her that a byproduct of wool is skin-softening lanolin.  Little did Jana know she would eventually create a successful skin care company that uses lanolin as the base of many of Bass Farms' amazing products.

Jana's children followed in her footsteps, showing goats at local county 4H fairs as well.  Changes in careers, moving her parents into her home to care for them during their cancer recovery, Jana was determined to create something out of all the goat milk from the kid's show goats.  She started out making Goat Milk Soap followed up by Goat Milk Lotion, offering them at the Shelbyville, Indiana Farmer's Market, and, well, the rest is history. 

Customers wanted more. Her signature product, Triple B Hydrating Creamoriginally named Baby Butt Butter, is now recommended by Oncologists & Dermatologists all over the United States for patients undergoing radiation therapy.  Jana's fundamental calling is for cancer patients to be able to save the integrity of their skin during medical treatment.  Giving as much as possible, Bass Farms is forever dedicated to those suffering through and winning the cancer battle. They are so confident with the benefits of these handcrafted products that it is their desire for all walks of life to be able to purchase with affordability. 

Baby Butt Butter 2009

Bass Farms offers a special 40% discount for Triple B Hydrating Cream™ to patients currently going through radiation & chemotherapy and follow-up care. - Contact Us  to request this Discount Code to be used on BassFarms.com.  We encourage you to share your journey and keep us updated on your healing progress.

 :: Mission :: 

Formulate superior-quality & healthy skin care products with affordable pricing

We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service, and the products we create. Striving to use locally grown ingredients and utilizing as much "Made in the USA" packaging, ingredients, and promotional items as possible.  We enjoy sharing "Ingredient knowledge" that we've researched by educating our customers on why Bass Farms selects specific oils, butters, and essential oils.

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Jana Bass; President & CEO 


Bass Farms is privileged to donate over $15,000 in products each year to "The Giving Gig". The Indianapolis based Community Health Network Foundation Oncology Patient Assistance Fund.  Their mission: To help tackle unmet health-related social needs which include; Housing Instability, Food Insecurity, Utility Needs, Life-Saving Medication and Transportation.

The Giving Gig proceeds benefit patients directly within Community Health Network because, "No one ever budgets for cancer ..."

2024 - $19,272.50 gifted Bass Farms products!!!


Bass Farms is proud to be a member of Indiana Grown; A new generation of Hoosier farmers

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