Bass Farms Candles

Clean burning 16 oz glass jar candles in some of your favorite Bass Farms scents. Offered in various seasonal scents

Ingredients:  80% Coconut Wax, 20% Soy Wax, Goat Milk, Fragrance Oil

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    These smell amazing and burn perfectly! - Christy G.

    "Recently bought a ton of candles at Bath & #$%* Wor%@, they put off so much black smoke it turned my air filter black in just 3 days of changing it.  Drove to the Covered Bridge Festival to purchase these Bass Farms candles, and WOW ... No black smoke!  I had a window open and my neighbor came over to ask what the lovely aroma was :)  So all the other candles from "the other big candle store" will be given as gifts. From now on I will only purchase candles by Bass Farms!"