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Triple B Hydrating Cream

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My mother was given Triple B by Community Hospital Breast Cancer Center while undergoing radiation treatment; She had already been through chemotherapy and surgery with a skin graft. It was highly unlikely that the graft site would remain intact during radiation. She used Triple B religiously and never had any skin problems! Amazing!

I truly believe that the BBB played a role in the prevention of more surgery.


Purchased the Charcoal Face Set - So in love with it!  I finally feel like there is hope in the future of not feeling like I have to wear foundation to leave the house!  

Jenny S.

I want to share this so people in this community know that a small, homemade business made from scratch is making great strides to make sure the first responders in Shelby County have what they need to combat COVID-19. Jana and Brad Bass have been working their behinds off to ensure we all have their homemade sanitizer. This is in addition to what they already do for the many cancer patients who receive their awesome products while undergoing treatments. They have been a blessing in disguise more than once in this community and their passion and drive to give to others is unmatched.

We all thank you for what you do! 

Justin P

I add 6 drops of Medieval Miracle Oil in a spray bottle of filtered water to clean the surfaces of my house ... Even my mirrors and glass.  Phenomenal Job! 

My house is clean, disinfected & smells amazing!  I will never buy chemical household cleaner again.

Lisa B

I love the Face Lotion!

It contains good essential oils, collagen, and my favorite ingredient - Neem Oil!

Julie F

I have been using Triple B for my post-treatment radiation. My scars are quickly fading and my skin is soft and trouble free!

Linda L