Wholesale Inquiry

Interested in offering Bass Farms Skin Care Products to your customers? Numerous Retailers all over the USA provide our products resulting in many "Repeat customers," often purchasing other retail products within your shop.

"Bass Farms brings new customers in!"

Bass Farms, LLC, is very selective with whom we allow to sell Bass Farms products. Sometimes it's just "Not a good fit."  Yet ... more than often, it's a fabulous marriage between Bass Farms, LLC and your Retail Shop!

* Retail Business Applications open January 2 - August 31

Please review the following retail terms prior to requesting the Standard Retail Agreement Form

Wholesale Opportunities for Retail Businesses

  • Your business must be a physical brick & mortar storefront.
  • You must be the business owner
  • No online sales permitted by you and/or your business 
  • Bass Farms is not a multi-level management company. We sell business owners' product at wholesale prices to be sold in the agreed retail store
  • All orders are submitted through Bass Farms' Website; Each business account is created with specific tax exemptions and inventory verifications per your business
  • Minimum Wholesale Order per order, per quarter 
  • Minimum quarterly order; If you plan to sell Bass Farms' product, you must offer an ample selection of our products seasonally  
  • Quarterly orders retains your business link to remain active on the "Retail Locations" page
  • Under no circumstances may a Retail Vendor share their Exclusive Wholesale Discount Code
  • Under no circumstances may a Retailer remove the Bass Farms label; Nor sell as their "Own handcrafted product."
  • Should your store close or move retail locations, it is mandatory you notify accounts manager >> Robbin@bassfarms.com <<
  • Bass Farms is not responsible for your retail product sales. Bass Farms sells, you, the Business/Retail Vendor owner, Bass Farms products at wholesale prices
  • We do not accept returns on unsold products
  • Suggested retail prices are listed online, as well as the order confirmation email, & the package slip included with your order shipment
  • Bass Farms, LLC and its subsidiaries reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, and/or cancel orders in its discretion, including, without limitation, if we believe Wholesale Vendor/Retailer's conduct violates applicable law or is harmful to the interests of Bass Farms, LLC.
  • Bass Farms Terms & Conditions;  Read them. Please abide by them.

Bass Farms Wholesale Candles

  • Not included in the minimum order of Goat Milk Skin & Cancer Care products
  • Ordered separately with a different Wholesale Discount Code & terms
  • Minimum purchase 4/per scent with two-case minimum = 24 Candles
  • No quarterly minimum needed, order as needed

    Request Bass Farms, LLC, Standard Agreement Form >> CONTACT US << 

    • Include a copy of the business' REGISTERED RETAIL MERCHANT CERTIFICATE obtained through your state's Department of Revenue - *This is required for any wholesale purchase to receive Tax Exemption status  

    • Email >> robbin@bassfarms.com Business Account/Development Officer

    • Expedite the Application Process by Creating an Account at BassFarms.com - Top Right "Human Icon" or "Account" (Bottom, left Footer)

    • Upon approval, a business account will be set up and marked as TAX EXEMPT, if eligible

    • Upon approval, you will receive an Exclusive Discount Code for ordering wholesale products 

    • Do not order until you have been notified of your Tax Exemption status and receipt of your Business' exclusive Wholesale Discount Code

    • Standard Agreement Forms are renewed annually every January; These are emailed in December. Upon completion and Bass Farms approval, a new Wholesale Discount Code is issued

    • Wholesale order fulfillment - Three weeks (15 business days). We always recommend you order way before you need product!

    You've been approved, now what?
    • Always LOG IN to order (This ensures your business's Tax Exemption) - Login is at the Top Right Navigation ("Person" icon, in between the "Search icon and the "Shopping Bag"), or in the bottom left footer LOGIN
    • Add items to cart - *Minimum retail amount per order
    • Select CHECKOUT 
    • ADD DISCOUNT CODE to "Discount Code" Box
    • >> HIT APPLY >> to activate code discount
    • The wholesale discount code will not work if the minimum order amount has not been met, or it's misspelled, or it's expired
    • Complete Billing/Shipping Info  
    • Select Payment Method
    • Submit Order
    • Net 30 Payments {Hospitals, Government Agencies, Select Non-Profits, and Cisco Companies} Any order not paid within 30 days will be issued $25 late fee or 4.5% of total, whichever is greater, every 30 days late;  No new order will be fulfilled and shipped until all invoices in arrears are paid in full
    • Do not submit an order without your exclusive Wholesale Discount code; THE ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED
    • Wholesale account questions need to be directed to Robbin Puckett, Wholesale Accounts Manager ...  robbin@bassfarms.com