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The Extra Mile

Driving the extra miles for Triple B Hydrating Cream & Extreme Care Ointment from one of Bass Farms' Retail Shops, Major Hospital Gift Shop in Shelbyville, IN ...

Linda writes, "I receive a phone call about 2 pm from a gentleman that was driving from Kentucky to Indiana just to come to the hospital gift shop to purchase Bass Farms products!  He found us listed on the website & decided we were the closest to where he was driving and by the time he got to other retailers they would be closed by the time he got to them.  I asked him if he was coming to Indiana for the weekend, he responded, 'No, we're coming just for Triple B!'  He gave me his payment over the phone, and I took the products to the Emergency Department for him to pick up since the gift shop would be closed too."

Talk about going the extra mile! #driven