Goats, Goat Milk, & Skincare

Many ask the question ... Do you use "real" goat milk in your products?  

Real, as in, liquid goat milk straight outta the goat?  Yes.

Real, as in, whole goat milk powder?  Yes.

Bass Farms breeds and raises the Nubian goat breed, one of the most popular goat breeds and a highly favored dairy goat.  Nubians are known for their long pendulous ears and "Roman" nose with loving & fun personalities, as well as quite entertaining!  Characteristically, Nubians have an extended breeding season resulting in milk production nearly all year long!  They're milk production is very flavorful, and, yes we drink it and use it for baking!  *Indiana law prohibits the selling of farm goat milk due to the legal pasteurization process - So, no, sorry, we don't sell our goat milk.  But ... 

Goat milk is truly a skincare superfood - Full of moisturizing molecules, helps reduce redness, combats acne-prone skin, a more natural exfoliation, great source of vitamins & minerals, numerous anti-aging properties, triglycerides, capric, caprylic & caproic acid helps to balance your skin's natural pH, so much #goatmilkgoodness.

Even Dermatologists and skin care specialists promote and recommend goat milk soap and products, in particular for those who suffer with acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns and more.  

Many of our products use raw goat milk, yet we implement powdered goat milk in our #1 skincare product, Triple B Hydrating Cream.  Why? This product is used by hundreds of radiation therapy patients all across the United States. Radiation Oncology Physicians prefer the powdered goat milk to further keep the product as "clean" as possible for the most vulnerable sensitive skin.  Powdered goat milk is already pasteurized, full of Vitamins A & D, non-GMO, antibiotic-free, preservative-free, free from growth hormones.  It's "real" goat milk, just in powder form!  Never fear though, all Bass Farms products with raw goat milk are still pasteurized! 

Some product production needs the raw liquid form, and others need goat milk in its powered form.  #stillreal #bassisbest

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